Move to the New web site

This web site is now deprecated. It won't be updated in the future.
You can't create accounts anymore and in few weeks, it will be closed.
So now, move to the new web site of the MADCAT and update your bookmarks :


In addition to the base types of MADCAT, advanced users and workspace suppliers can create their own types.
Base types are :

  • String
  • Text
  • Numeric
  • Date/time
  • File
  • Bitmap
  • IP Address
  • Groups
  • Enumerate
  • Boolean

When defining a new type, you have to handle the format, display and conversions of the values assigned with this type.
The API of MADCAT defines interfaces to control types and allow sorting, filtering, display and conversions.

New with MADCAT v1.0d.

Boolean input fields have now several new options :

Numeric input fields have now new display options :

Parameters Demo

To help you try the parameters settings and all the types of MADCAT, I made a demo workspace which allow you to create items having all the different input fields offered to you by MADCAT.
Download and unzip the following package, then run the workspace by double-clicking the XWS file. (3 Kbytes)

In the future, a complete documentation will be available. But for the moment, just use the model written in this demo workspace to find the options you can use to build your own workspace.