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This web site is now deprecated. It won't be updated in the future.
You can't create accounts anymore and in few weeks, it will be closed.
So now, move to the new web site of the MADCAT and update your bookmarks :


MADCAT stands for Multipurpose Application for Data Collection And Treatment.

It is an empty application which can be configured to manage any kind of data the way you want. This application provides the common functions any data management program should have :

  • graphical interface to display, create, edit your data, print reports
  • a sophisticated multi-threaded task manager to run treatments on your data
  • a highly detailed logbook management to record application's messages
  • a report generator to print your data

So to build a powerful application, the only thing you have to do is to focus on your data and what you have to do with it. You'll have to :

  • define your data model using XML files
  • create XML stylesheet to produce HTML reports

MADCAT is based on XML for data management, XSLT and HTML for reporting. Good knowledge of XML is recommended to be able to start a new database from scratch.

Advanced users who have knowledge of C++, XSLT and HTML can even develop their own type manager, renderer and tool using the Microsoft .NET framework. MADCAT provides specific interfaces for these elements.

To discover MADCAT, this overview will show you step by step how XML configuration files are interpreted by MADCAT. The overview is based on a real application : The MADCAT's workspace Editor. You'll see how the Workspace Editor has been made. Presentation is made with few words but simple diagrams. A more complete reference manual is available in PDF, CHM and on-line.