Move to the New web site

This web site is now deprecated. It won't be updated in the future.
You can't create accounts anymore and in few weeks, it will be closed.
So now, move to the new web site of the MADCAT and update your bookmarks :


API of MADCAT provides a set of services for :

  • Message log (errors, warnings, information)
  • Database updates on a transaction basis
  • Dialog boxes for user interface : Wizard, query box, confirm box
  • Import data from the clipboard to the workspace
  • Export data of the workspace to the clipboard
  • Support drag'n'drop events with external programs.

With this API, you can enhance your workspaces and build :

  • Tools to perform treatments on your data or read/generate files on your system
  • Renderers to display/use your data
  • Types to control, manipulate your data

Click on the following links to see an overview of this :