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Renderers are libraries (DLL) which provide new controls to display/edit your data. The controls are embedded in the explorer window of MADCAT.
They are written in C++ using the assemblies of MADCAT.

Renderers should be placed in a specific folder of the workspace with their definition files

One renderer can manage many modes. End-user can attach a specific renderer and a mode to an item in a model. He can also change the mode or the renderer directly in the database explorer.

Renderers can also manage user options like tools.


There are no restrictions on the controls used as long as the following objectives are satisfied :

  • End-user can select one or more elements
  • End-user can use drag'n'drop
  • End-user can see the elements contained into the element selected in the tree of the explorer whatever its type (it can be a folder, an item or a query)
  • End-user can see at least one attribute of the elements such as its name
  • End-user can see the baseline status of the element when baselines are activated
  • Workspace suppliers can control a renderer with their models (See rendering modes)

End-user can switch from one renderer to another by clicking on buttons in the explorer tool bars.