Move to the New web site

This web site is now deprecated. It won't be updated in the future.
You can't create accounts anymore and in few weeks, it will be closed.
So now, move to the new web site of the MADCAT and update your bookmarks :

zagot's blog

New release and .... new site

Finally, the version 1.2.0 of the MADCAT is released !
It took almost a year to finish it. It is a major release with many new features.
Xml Schemas and Help files have been reworked so check the evolutions carefully to upgrade your workspaces.

In addition, the web site has also been reworked (migrating to latest Drupal version) and moved to another server. So update your bookmark and replace the old address with this one :

The new release is only available there.

Some news


Sorry for being silent for so long time but I couldn't find time to work on the next release during this summer.
I also had to struggle with my computer : lost my environment twice and had to re-install everything from scratch. But now I moved to Visual Studio Express 2010 and the newest .Net framework.
The development is nearly finished but still have one big feature to code and some tests to perform. Then will come the time to update the web site and the documentation to describe the new features.
Just a glimpse :
- Enhanced workspace management with new Windows integration

New release is delayed

Finally I've decided to delay the release of the version 1.2.
I had many cool features in mind and I wanted to put them in the next version rather than planning another version just after this one.
With all these evolutions inside, the version 1.2 will be a major release of MADCAT.
Of course, tests, docs and validation will be longer than expected first but I'll do my best to finish all this by the end of July.
Be patient, I assure you that it's worth it.

New release is coming soon


I've coded several features now. Only one remaining feature is to be coded then I'll be able to start the testing phase and finally the documentation phase (web site + reference manual).
This last feature will be coded this week.
If everything is fine, tests and docs will be done before june.

Breaking the silence ...

I've been silent for a too long time. Sorry.
I'm working hard on the next release (v1.2). Many new features will be added :

  • Composite workspaces : Assemble project data, models and tools of workspaces to build new ones
  • Management of series of items with new renderers for table display or graphical display (curve, bars, dots...)
  • Multi-view database explorers : you can display multiple renderers in the same window at the same time
  • Import/Export

plus some bugs corrections of course !

Happy New Year

Dear MADCAT users,

I wish you all a happy new year.
Many new features are planned for 2012. They should be released in the next 2 or 3 versions of MADCAT expected during this year. Among them, you'll find :

  • many interface enhancements,
  • migration to .Net 4.0 framework,
  • better workspaces flexibility

and more...

Feel free to send me your remarks, suggestions, proposals, questions, ....

See you

New release available !!


Finally, the reference guide is complete and now embedded in this new release of MADCAT.
This release is the v1.1.0 and corrects the following issues :

MADCAT - 1.1 (Released 2011-11-05)
- 0000109: [Defect] Startup screen keeps deleted workspaces
- 0000112: [Change Request] Add a help file into the next release of MADCAT
- 0000111: [Defect] Tool of the workspace editor is not compatible with new tools interfaces
- 0000110: [Change Request] Add the parameters demo into the next release

Documentation release is postponed...

I'm sorry but the documentation is not finished yet. Some API services are still not described and I need to add some screenshots and source code examples.
I'll release it as soon as possible...

Documentation is on the way

I'm still working on the technical document of MADCAT. I'll produce a CHM help file which will be included in the next release of MADCAT but also available on the web site.
The document should be released by the end of the month. It will contain all the information you need : XML schema descriptions and examples, Tools interfaces, Renderers interfaces and Types interfaces. All topics will have code samples and detailed description.


New release (1.0e) now available

Again a new release which corrects few bugs but adds also a cool feature :
You can now run actions of your workspace directly from the Command Line in console mode.
v1.0d was a major release with handy features like filtering and sorting in list view's detailed mode and also nice bitmaps for numeric, boolean and enumerate types.
Now v1.0e offers console mode and raw text mode for logbooks.

You can download it here