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A folder is a XML element which can contain one or more elements such as : items, folders, queries.
The difference between ITEMS and FOLDERS is FOLDERS have only one attribute named "NAME".

MADCAT manages two types of folders :

  • Folders defined by models using the FOLDER element
  • Folders created by end-users in MADCAT

When defined by the model, folders are automatically created by MADCAT when the parent of the folder in the model is created by the user. The XML element attached to the folder in the project's data has its name specified in the model. They are seen as static parts of the parent item. Such folders can't be deleted, moved or created by the end-user. They can also be attached to actions with the ACTION element.

When created by the end-user, the folders can be deleted, moved, created anywhere in the data hierarchy. The XML element associated to them in the project's data is always named "FOLDER". Concerning triggers and allowed actions, they automatically inherit their parent's properties.